Find job-ready talent , super-fast and at no additional cost.

Aviate that has helped transform the recruitment landscape for several clients by helping them recruit pre-trained and job-ready talent with our flagship train-and-hire model wherein the companies don't have to pay for the cost of training or the content development.

Why Aviate ?

Job-ready candidates

Lower L&D expenditure

Faster Hiring Process

Lower attrition rates

How Aviate works?


Competency mapping

We ask for the job description(s) and request the assignment of a point of contact for every profile from the client. This step is designed to understand the key competencies, KPIs, operational nuances and the daily nature of the roles from the assigned point of contact(s).


Content and assessment development

We create a content and assessment structure based on the competencies required for the profile(s). We will share our first draft with the client for approval and after the approval is received, we begin the sourcing process.


Sourcing and screening

We begin the sourcing and screening process keeping in mind the job requirements and select candidates that are positively predisposed towards the profile(s) on offer. We use screening mechanisms to gauge the communication skills and the genuine interest of the job-seekers for a particular profile. Only candidates that clear the screening rounds are selected for training.


Training and assessments

We train and assess candidates based on the mutually decided content and assessment structures and only the candidates that clear the assessments are shared with the clients for interviews. This ensures an extremely high degree of curation.


Interviews and offer roll-outs

We schedule the interviews of the selected candidates with the client. Based on the feedback of candidates, we keep updating the training and assessment structure in order to improve our curation quality and keep delighting our clients. .

Our Success

We are extremely proud of the value-addition that we bring to the table for our clients and their words of appreciation is what keeps us motivated to continually improve our offerings. Here are the experiences of some delighted clients.