Get ready for the next-gen of employees!

We’re an employability-enhancement and placement services platform for jobseekers and we help companies recruit from a curated pool of pre-trained and job-ready candidates. We Train and assess jobseekers on highly industry specific job-ready courses designed in collaboration with the respective employers.

The Problems that Aviate solves

For Job Seekers

Lack of job opportunities

Most colleges offer zero to little campus placements. Job sites offer access but with a lower probability of success.

Protracted recruitment process

Prolonged recruitment processes that take a long time in getting a job

Prominent Employability Gap

College curriculum is unable to inculcate the competencies required by the industry

Lack of access

Candidates outside of metros need to travel to other cities for interviews and in most cases end up with access limited to local employers

For Employers

Lack of Job-ready candidates

Companies need to spend resources on training fresh employees

High hiring TAT

Lack of skilled candidates leads to a high turnaround time for recruitment

Higher attrition rate

High attrition rates increases recruitment costs and L&D spends

Lack of curation

Lack of effective mechanisms to gauge candidate suitability for a particular role

Aviate Solutions for Job Seekers

Job Offers within 96 hours

Offer rollouts on Aviate happen faster than any job portal or other platforms. Say goodbye to the long wait for a job!

Guaranteed job for certified candidates

Certified candidates get job offers from a wide gamut of companies and industries.

Supplementary income.

Earn upto INR 3 lakhs per annum via our retention cum mentorship programme

Employability Enhancement

Enhance your probability of success by getting trained on the core operational and soft skills that employers value.

Aviate Solutions for Employers

Job-ready Candidates

Hiring partners unlock opportunity costs by reducing the ramp-up time by hiring candidates that can hit the ground running.

Lower L&D expenditure

Our hiring partners don’t need to invest as much time or resources as before on getting fresh hires job-ready as our candidates are pre-trained.

Faster Hiring Process

Owing to our highly curated pool of pre-trained candidates, clients have reduced their hiring TAT by as much as 50%. Say goodbye to sifting through a barrage of resumes and interviews!

Lower attrition rates

Our retention cum mentorship programme provides a significant financial incentive to counter attrition and reduces recruitment expenditure.

Hiring Partners

We have helped several start-ups and MNCs recruit from our pool of pre-trained and job-ready candidates. This approach has helped our partner employers cut down their hiring turnaround time, reduce L&D spends and improve attrition rates by recruiting from our highly curated pool of Aviators.